Blog Made of Jamstack

What is JAMstack? J means JavaScript, A means API and M is Markup. Here is the official explanation:

The Road Of My Blog

I started to build a blog in 2012 when I was studying International Politics in college with my limited acknowledge in HTML and CSS. The programming languages I knew then including JSP, ASP, and PHP. And I thought that I would never learn PHP and JavaScript well.

I traveled to Guangzhou three times.

It is in July of 2016 when I first travel to Guangzhou. How foolish that I went where in midsummer! I was in Shanghai at that time when I have two days of vocation. It is wasteful if I didn’t travel to somewhere make use of the vocations. People who are rational may go north, nevertheless, I flew to the most southern city.

How to Program in Surface Pro 4?

Everyone has its own criteria to choose a new computer, like the performance, the appearance, the portability or the compromise among those. It depends on how you use it.

A Multiple Books Generator Inspired by GitBook and Made of Jekyll

I don't think I can express my thought by a blog completely. I can use it to record some fragments conveniently. However, I can't put my novels and books, which contain multiple articles of one topic, in it perfectly.
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