How to config lighttpd to serve a Jekyll blog?

I bought a VPS, with a single core, 10G memories of disk space, and 512M RAM, in impulse one day. It is obvious that I can't serve any web APPs with that, but it is enough to serve a static blog.

Minimalist Lifestyle

It's not exaggerating if I say that my life has been changed by minimalism.

The learning methods from educational psychology.

Studying is enjoyable for me, but studying for an examination is miserable especially when the contents learned are boring and meaningless.

Blog Made of Jamstack

What is JAMstack? J means JavaScript, A means API and M is Markup. Here is the official explanation:

The Road Of My Blog

I started to build a blog in 2012 when I was studying International Politics in college with my limited acknowledge in HTML and CSS. The programming languages I knew then including JSP, ASP, and PHP. And I thought that I would never learn PHP and JavaScript well.
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