I traveled to Guangzhou three times.

It is in July of 2016 when I first travel to Guangzhou. How foolish that I went where in midsummer! I was in Shanghai at that time when I have two days of vocation. It is wasteful if I didn’t travel to somewhere make use of the vocations. People who are rational may go north, nevertheless, I flew to the most southern city.

How to Program in Surface Pro 4?

Everyone has its own criteria to choose a new computer, like the performance, the appearance, the portability or the compromise among those. It depends on how you use it.

A Multiple Books Generator Inspired by GitBook and Made of Jekyll

I don't think I can express my thought by a blog completely. I can use it to record some fragments conveniently. However, I can't put my novels and books, which contain multiple articles of one topic, in it perfectly.

Make Subscription to Daily News with Scrapy and Gitbook and Push it to Kindle

About four years ago, I used Gouerduo Daily Report for subscriptions to daily news for a period of time after I bought Kindle. I canceled it because of its uselessness. I found my isolation three months ago. However, about three months ago, I found my isolation and want to get more information about the outside world.
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